Features of Plate Heat Exchanger

High heat transfer efficiency
The corrugation upon the plate is designed for enhancing the heat transfer efficiency. The flow channels formed by the corrugation will cause the drastic turbulence of the water flows upon the plate, though the flow rate is very low. Furthermore, the turbulence is the best solution for self-cleaning.

Generally speaking, the plate heat exchanger has the heat transfer efficiency between 3000 and 6000W/m2.℃, almost two to four times higher than the shell and tube type.

Easy installation
The heat exchange plate is easy to be disassembled. The user can do regulation of the heat transfer rate and capacity by simply adding or reducing the number of plates.

Low heat loss
The compact structure and small size can reduce the waste of heat to the biggest extent. The extra heat insulation measures are not needed any more.

Safety of operation
We designed the double strengthened seals and probe hole in case of the leakage. Once the leakage happened, the liquid can discharge from the hole.

Utilization of low temperature heat source
Taking use of the current flow of two liquid media to get the best heat transfer efficiency. The minimum temperature difference reaches 1℃, so the extra heat of low temperature heat source can be recycled.

Low cooling water requirement
The flow channels form the geometric shape with many meeting points, and both the two liquids have the high heat exchange rate, so the cooling water, and related valve, pipeline, pump are not much needed.

Small area occupation, easy maintenance
The structure of the plate heat exchanger is extremely compact. Its space occupation is only half or even one third of the shell and tube type, and needs no extra reserved space for pipe check. The easy maintenance means the design of clamp bolt that can loosened easily for disassembly.

Small resistance loss
The plate type thermal transfer is capable of controlling the flow rate of the liquid inside, so the resistance loss can be no more than 1/3 of the shell and tube type.

High investment efficiency
By contrast, the plate heat exchanger is superior in cost performance rate than the shell and tube type, as it has absolute advantages in space occupation, usage quantity of cooling water, etc. The investment of infrastructure and affiliate facilities can be greatly saved.

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