Differences between Plate Heat Exchanger and Tube Heat Exchanger

The plate heat exchanger belongs to the high effective heat transfer equipment. It can be classified into the umbrella type and flat type.

The tube heat exchangers are designed mainly for the small-medium cold or heat water pumps, widely used in the water cycling heating system, air source water heating or cooling system and ground water cooling system. It has reliable structure and stable performance, and it can be bent into the spiral structure and welded with a steel bracket.

By contrast, the plate type heat exchanger has the following superiorities.

1. Small size and area occupation
The plate heat exchanger occupies 30% smaller area than the tube type, and far smaller area than the shower type.
2. High heat transfer rate
The plate heat transfer device can increase the disturbance between two liquids with slow flow rate, so as to enhance the heat transfer efficiency. The water-to-water heat transfer efficiency, K, can reach 16720J/(m2•h•℃), which is two to four times higher than that of the tube type.
3. Flexible assembly
When the production technique and output are required to be upgraded, the user of plate heat exchanger only need to adjust the number of plates or change the plate assembly flow.
4. Low metal material consumption
The plate type thermal exchanger mainly consists of the fins composted by stainless steel and Ti alloy, the sealing gasket, clamp blot, framework, etc. The amount of the usage of metal material is around 8 kg per sq meter, but the spiral plate heat exchanger with the same heat dissipation technique parameters needs 20kg per sq meter.
5. Small waste of energy
The plate heat exchanger only has its edges exposed in air, so the heat lost rate is small about 1%, thus the heat insulation layer is not needed.
6. Ease of maintenance
The clamp blot can be loosened to make it convenient for changing the rubber gasket or metal plate. The plate heat exchanger has the critical reynolds number ten times lower, and has much smaller risk of blockage than the tube type, for the turbulence inside will take away the deposit of liquid medium.

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