A Comparison Between Extruded Finned Tube & Traditional Finned Tube

The extruded finned tube is made from the smooth pipe by means of cold extrusion. It is used as a kind of heat exchanger. The traditional finned tube is made of smooth pipe by winding metal belts onto the pipe or expanding the pipe to make itself stuck with the steel series of slice, a.k.a. fins.

The comparison of anti-vibration
The overall extruded monometal finned tube can be seen as a whole, so it has terrific anti vibration property, and will not loose in use. The risk of breaking down caused by the vibration will not exit.

The comparison of thermal expansion and cold shrink capability
The extruded monometal finned tube within cold working environment will not get its pipe separated from the fins. However, the traditional finned tube can be seen as the tube plus fins, so the risk of separation is great, especially within the cold or hot working environment. After a long term use, the traditional finned tube will have its thermal resistance greatly enhanced, which is very dangerous to the heat exchanger and may bring the user a dramatic lost in economy.

The comparison of cost performance rate
The traditional finned tube has the natural defect, so its designers have to consider about the amazingly dramatic thermal transfer exceeding volume, which may be up to 20% or 30%. Such a huge accumulation of thermal energy will finally cause damage to the heat exchanger. Thus an important thing is to see if the designer paid enough attention to the size of the heat exchanger. On the other hand, the big size of the equipment no doubt bring the producer the result that he or she has to spend more on the material, labor cost, freight, etc., and bring the buyer a much increased price and operating cost later. In this regard, our product has the definite superiority to the traditional types.

The expectation of overall extruded high finned tube
Nowadays, the energy saving and emission reduction act as the common conversation topic of world. The traditional finned pipe can not meet the requirements of modern industry. The upgrading of finned tube is not supposed to be delayed. The shortage of energy has increasingly resulted in the regional warfare. We really thought we should contribute our creative ideas to help with the great plan. We feel confident in our extruded high finned tube will be listed in the most favorable products in the coming days of human.

The development ideas
1. Developing the stainless steel finned pipe forming machine.
Hitherto, the manufacturer who can make the high fin tube is unique in the world. It is in monopoly spot. Now, we prepared to set foot in the field, and if we did it, we will break through the situation of modern waste heat recovery industry and chemical industry.

2. Developing the high fin tube
Many of the boilers in the EU and US belong to the condensation type. The heat exchange efficiency is much higher than the boilers in our country. We believe that our government will soon push the upgrading of the high energy consumption equipment in operation. By then, our products will usher its biggest market.

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