Types of Finned Tube

The family of finned tubes is big, and there are still many new members adding in. They can be classified into the following categories

Take processing technology into consideration
1. String type
2. Tension winding type
3. Empiecement type
4. Overall extrusion type
5. Cast type
6. Welding type: ERW type, arc buried weld type

Take the shape of tube into consideration
1. Square, rectangle, round
2. Spiral
3. Corrugated type
4. Zigzag type
5. Pin type
6. Vertical type
7. Plate type

Take the material into consideration
1. Copper, Al, Cu/Al
2. Carbon steel, stainless steel, carbon steel/stainless steel
3. Case iron

Take the usage into consideration
1. Air conditioning
2. Air cooling
3. Boiler
4. Water cooling
5. Economizer
6. Air pre-heater
7. Furnace
8. Waste heat recovery system

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