Air-Radiator Classification and Applications

The air-radiator consists of the high effective finned tubes. The product takes use of the steam or fluid media with good heat conductivity, such like oil and water, to transfer the heat into the ambient air to warm it up, or to converse, absorb the heat from the ambient air to cool it down.

The steam-to-air or liquid-to-air heat transfer equipment has already been widely used in the industrial or citizen fields, including heat supply systems, air conditioning, cooling and drying systems.

We are able to use various materials to make our product. E.g. we adopt the copper, steel, steel-aluminum, stainless steel, copper-aluminum to make the finned tubes. The machining methods of our finned tube mainly include the overall winding and galvanization, composite rolling, fin galvanization, hydraulic pressure pipe expansion.

The air radiator can be used in many places, including the air flow drying of farina, food drying, the spray drying of milk powder, tea leaves drying, lumber kilning, paper making referring to the cloth coating machine and paper maker, cigarette making and puffing, the tunnel and drying oven for vegetable dewatering, and supplying heat or cold energy for the indoor space, like the centralized air conditioning, the heat dissipation system of power station, the special pipeline of oil refinery, special heat dissipation pipeline of steam turbine, as well as the convey pipeline of chemical materials, like dye, fiber, pure alkali, latex, PVC, gelatin, etc.

We can adopt the following finned tubes to make the product
1. SRZ steel-winding finned tube
2. GLⅡsteel-winding finned tube
3. S type copper-winding finned tube
4. UⅡ copper-winding finned tube
5. TZ steel finned elliptical tube
6. SRB BGL stainless steel finned tube
7. SZL steel-aluminum finned tube
8. BLQ copper-aluminum finned tube
9. Other types

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